militant mom with chronic pain

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


We'll see how this goes. I wanted to start this so I can piss and moan and not bother my family.
I'm off shortly(ha) for ulnar shortening surgery. I wanted to continue my journal but since I will have one hand for awhile I figured it would be easier to type than write.
I always need a space to bitch about the wasl(high stakes testing), animal cruelty and basic human stupidity. Things I hate with a passion. And you certainly wouldn't have the first two without the third so I guess I can just narrow it down to all the stupid people on this planet. Where, why and how??? The great mystery of life. Forget evolution vs intelligent design, the question is why is survival of the fittest not taking out half the population?

Guess I should get my kids off to school, drink some clear liquids and try to distract my self elsewhere. I'll try to stay away from hear when I'm loaded up with pain meds. ciao


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